Thursday, October 30, 2014

Two posts in one day?! Whaaat??? -Tokyo ESP Review-

So, I didn't spoil myself before I wrote this by reading the manga ending... So, I'm hoping there will be a second season of Tokyo ESP. If not.... Well, then I'm bummed. The ending was very disappointing. It ended to quickly with to many unknowns... What's up with all the anime ending with all of these mysteries lately? It's super annoying! 

The story was alright. It reminded me a lot of the X-men if that tells you a lot anything. It did keep my interest though. Possibly because it is just like X-Men. It's basically just like every other save the world anime except.... The main character seems tough at times but, all in all, she's pretty weak compared to quiet a few people. It has a more I depth story besides the whole save the world and be a hero thing. You will have to actually watch it to find out what the true meaning of the fighting is about. ;) Like I said earlier... The ending wasn't that great. To many unkowns popping up at the very end. Still! It's pretty interesting to watch because of the characters attitudes and such. There is a bit of romance budding but it's quickly pushed to the side... Which was a bummer... >.>
I will, eventually, have to read the manga though. The unkowns bother me a bit. So, if you are going to do anything... Watch the anime first and then read the manga.... JUST IN CASE. You don't want to be let down by the anime if you read the manga first. You know what I mean?

ANYWAY! On to the art...
Let me just tell you, you can tell where they put their effort into... The characters differ in art so much from the 'background' characters... It's a little annoying. But if you can get use to drastic (ugly) changes in the none important characters then you won't feel so irritated as I did. Other than that... The bloody scenes were pretty fun to watch. :3 

Oh yeah!
WARNING! There is blood, killing and a little bit of boob grabbing in this anime if you are thinking of watching this around kids... My want to have your hands ready to cover their eyes at times. Just saying. 

All in all... Tokyo ESP was fun to watch. It was very frustrating at the end but the little penguin protector dude was really cute and made you just want to SQUISH him! x]


Another Makeup Tutorail. BAT EYES!

I made this tutorial yesterday. I hope you like it! If you guys have any ideas on what I should do next, please let me know! :D

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Makeup Tutorial... WHAT?!

So, yeah, I posted a makeup tutorial on youtube. Hope you enjoy! Let me know what you guys would like to see next! :D

Monday, October 27, 2014

Tokyo Ghoul Anime Review

Well, Hello!
I'm sorry for the hiatus. I was very busy for last few months and I wasn't able to post much. Let alone watch anything. 
Good news is.... I'M BACK!
I'm pretty much settled into my new home and finally able to start watching anime again. WOOT!
First anime to watch in the new house... (Dun Dun Duuuun!!) 
TOKYO GHOUL, also known as Toukyou Kushu!
Well! Where do I start?
First episode... GORE! Right from the start. Loved it. Probably not for the feint of heart. I did not expect it to go the way it did to be quiet honest. When I first saw the pictures of the anime I thought it was going to start out with some crazy dude saving the world some how. 
(Btw, guys, I don't read summaries before I start reading or watching manga/anime. So this is really my FIRST look at everything.)
Each episode kept me very interested. Some had tears streaming down my face... Others.... *grabby hands* BLOOD! (Cause I'm a freak like that) 
I actually thoroughly enjoyed this anime surprisingly. Most of the time I want some type of romance in it but it kept my interests through different types of methods. (I love sad/gore/crazy torcher stuff too.)
The story in itself was rather interesting. The anime doesn't really go into details about how the Ghouls became this way or why they have the power that they do.... Which kind of leaves you trying to figure it out on your own. 
BUT! If you overlook that little tidbit and go on with the story then it's pretty exciting. Each episode gives a little information about almost all the characters, which is nice. 
Kaneki Ken, the main character of it all, really has to fight with himself through the whole anime. (If you watch it, you will understand why.) Plus, fight almost everyone else to stay alive. Some of the characters really annoy you at first and you just want them to go away until you see what kind of life they are living and then you really can't help but love them in the end. 
Unfortunately, the anime leaves you hanging for more. There are rumors of a season 2 coming out next year.
I, on the other hand, can't wait that long and like to spoil myself with the endings. 
I was let down by the ending of the manga. 
I hope in the end the anime gives us a little more information about what happens because unless you like cliffhangers then you will get really annoyed with this....

So, I thought the art was pretty nice. It's pretty standard quality. When the gore parts came, I was pretty excited to see how they would do it. They don't show to much but enough to make you understand what is happening. I love the difference in characters. It reminded me a little of Shiki.

I loved the opening song and how well it went with each part. It made me excited to watch each episode. Some anime just makes me want to skip right over the beginning song because it annoys me after a while but I loved watching the art with the music. It was very beautiful to me. Ending song... My husband liked it... It's hard for me to keep watching an ending song unless its something like wolf's rain song - Gravity. Or it has something catchy in the art. Other than that... I just don't watch them.

This anime is not for children. This has blood, death and cannibalism. If you feint of heart please do not watch! Thank you!