Monday, September 1, 2014

Honey x honey drop kiss review.

WARNING! This isn't for people under the age of 16. This is an ecchi and has sexual violence and other sexual content so please be careful! 
Now, onto the review.
So, when I first started reading this manga.... I thought the storyline was a bit silly. Once you get over the silly story and actually get into the characters, it's pretty good. 
It's basically about a poor girl trying to make money for her family so that they don't have to worry about things. She meets a boy and he makes her his "honey". "Honey" is basically key word for slave. Once you really get into the story you kind of see that changing little by little though. You notice that the word "honey" gets a different meaning. They go through tribulations because she isn't the greatest honey and can't seem to do anything right. People try to go in between them and they do things that aren't very nice....(read the warning). 
The only thing that I really didn't like is how nice they seem to be to the person that was trying to break them apart. I definitely wouldn't be so nice and I don't see anyone else being that nice either.... Other than that, I thought it was a pretty good manga for the most part. 
The art was cute and it made you really like the characters. 
I did notice they had an anime of it as well but I am just not really interested in it. I have heard it is only two or three episodes long and I just don't think it's worth watching. Plus, it looks funky in color and looks very old. 
But anyway! You should definitely check out this manga! :)