Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Owari No Seraph Anime Review

(Just to let everyone know, I am on the second season now. So, please understand that this is a review on an incomplete anime and these are my thoughts.)

First of all, I didn't really have a lot of high hopes for this anime because of the art. (I know. I know. Don't judge a book by it's cover.) You have to understand though... I thought the art was really nice but other reviews were saying this was dark... It really isn't that dark.
Sure... It has blood. It's a vampire anime so that's nothing surprising. It doesn't even show the gore parts. You just see a bunch of blood splatter. That's fine and all but it's nothing special. 
The people dying, I feel like you were suppose to feel bad for them but really, I didn't care. Is that wrong of me? Does that make me a monster? WOOPS! Seriously. Didn't care. 

I feel like they could make this into a two hour movie and get the same point across that they did in the first season of this show. (And probably the second season by the looks of it.) They have to many scenery shots in this and they aren't even that good! I get it. Japan is decaying. I understand. You really don't have to show it in almost every shot. I. Do. Not. Care.

I have to admit that the whole demon weapons are pretty cool. I enjoy the fighting scenes. But I feel that they are to short. It's like... Fight! Back off. Fight! Run away. Fight! Lose control once and it was awesome! Run away. 
It's a lot of running away and not enough action. For a 12 episode season, it felt like a lot of filler scenes. 
It kind of reminds me of blue exorcist a little bit. Just with how it's laid out. A school and going to school and then fighting and such. It also kind of reminded me of tokyo ghoul with the whole demon inside of one of the guys. 
It's not a bad anime and I do enjoy watching it but I'm not going to say this is one of my favorites. It's alright.
The characters are enjoyable though. 
I would probably cosplay Shinoa, if I cosplayed. Mostly because I like her attitude and she's short and she has a scythe. I love scythe. lol

I feel like this one could be a hit or miss with a lot of people. It's not one of those anime that you're crazy if you skip over it. SO FAR. Now, If I get to the end of the series and that changes, I will update this. But so far, it's nothing special that I demand people to watch. It's just one of those 'Oh you never watched it? Well, maybe if you have time one day, you might want to watch it.' I wouldn't say its a 'should watch it' type of anime. 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Mademoiselle Butterfly Manga Review

So this manga is set in the early 1900s (ends after the the Vietnam war, if that helps.)

It's about a girl who is sold to a geisha house and meets the neighbor who she falls in love with.

It's a very sweet story. It doesn't give much detail on each thing that happens but I still got emotional reading the ending, if that helps you at all. 
It's such a cute romance and you see the hardships they go through. 
The manga does have a plot that has to do with the war. (That's why I brought it up.) 
You see the struggle of being in a war.
I feel like it kind of reminds me of Memoirs of a Geisha.
Although, it's a little different, you get the same feel to it.

You really enjoy the two main characters and I thought it was a very real romance for back in the day.

Mishounen Produce Manga Review

This story was actually pretty original. I thought it was super cute. 

Kako and Kousei are childhood best friend from a small country town. They decide to go to a city school and when they go visit for the first time, some girls start making fun of Kousei, the boy. Kako then gets upset and says that she will make him popular and that everyone will love him. 

Kako loves one manga series and models Kousei after the knight in it. Everything starts to change when Kousei gets asked to start modeling and such.
They transfer to a knew school and everything starts to change.

I personally think they could have kept going with the ending. 
It was such a cute story and I really wanted to see it go further. 

They did have other character in it as well that I think they could have went further with.

The art was so cute and I really enjoyed seeing the reactions and how romantic the setting got and how they were able to change each character. 
I just really enjoyed the whole thing. 

I think it would be really enjoyable and cute to watch if it became an anime.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hellsing Ultimate Review (re-watched it so decided that it would be good to make a review.)

Since this is one not for the faint of heart, I will give the warning up front.

No matter if you watch the original or Ultimate, they both have gore and rape/sex so please be aware. One has it more than the other, with the raping/sex though. (The original.)

Ok, I love Hellsing and I liked the art for both the original and Ultimate. I think the thing that annoyed me the most about Ultimate was that you couldn't see Alucards face a lot. It was dark faces in the Ultimate series. I have to admit though. They looked better in it. Except for Integra. She looked like a dude. That wasn't very appealing. I did like the action though. I enjoyed the difference in endings. Since they were so different. 
I feel like I should make a review for the original all on it's own.
Anyway, Blood and gore everywhere. If you don't like that stuff then you won't like this show.
Alucard is very enjoyable to look at although he is mostly shadow all the time. When he turns into his 'original' form... He's nice. ;)
Seras is much more of a main -beat-em-up- type character in this one, which is wonderful. 
Like I said, The story goes completely different in this so if you haven't watched it and you have only watched the original... please watch this. 
Lots of different characters but also characters you know of from the original show.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan Anime Review

I first heard about this anime when I seen the Milky action figure. I thought she was adorable and I loved her outfit. I decided to give the anime a go and I felt like it was a huge waste of my time.

The characters were really cute but it was SOOO slow. The episodes were so boring and I just couldn't get into it. There really wasn't a purpose in making the episodes that slow. I feel like they could have cut out a bunch of scenes that they just kept showing over and over of them delivering bread. I DO NOT CARE! There were things that could have made more sense. 

Like... Why was there this robot chick that flies around but they are still using boats to get around? I mean... come on. Then there is a bunch of magical beings... I just could not get into it. 

I don't even feel like going into the anime and explaining the concept because I don't even feel like it is even worth it. I believe it is also a game and it might be better as a game. Maybe It would probably make more sense. I would hope...

So all I'm going to say is... Don't even bother watching it. Just know its about a dude that washes up on a shore to a town and starts a bakery with three girls and then goes into making bread for everyone and then finally gets to the point at the end of the series. It's sooooo pointless. 

The characters are cute but I don't even feel like you need to know the concept of the story to get the action figures of these anime characters. What you see is what you get. 
I'm just very disappointed with this. 
Very disappointed.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Doing an old anime review that I watched/read a really long time ago.... Say 'I love you' Anime/manga review

Let me just say, This isn't an extremely old one but it's still a few years old.
I have seen/read the anime/manga. The manga is still not done and I am still waiting on the newest chapter to come out online. I think once I can eventually read the ending I might buy the rest of the series.

Besides not finishing this extremely long love story...
First of all, the art is SO cute. I just love the way they are drawn. Yamato is extremely hot. (I love visual kei dudes though... sooooo >.>) Mei is extremely cute and all of the characters are very enjoyable. Each one has a back story and I enjoy reading about them and care for each one.

The above picture is, of course, the two main protagonists. Yamato and Mei. The art in the anime and in the manga are pretty much the same. Bigger eyes in the anime to me personally but I enjoy both. I really wish the anime would bring out a second season though. The first season just ending and there hasn't been any news about a second season coming out. So if I were you, I would just read the manga.

When the manga starts out, it shows how Mei is being bullied in middle school and how she just trust anyone or be friends with anyone. (Which I feel like people will relate to a lot.) Then flips to her being in high school and yamatos friend pushes Mei down and basically starts to bully her and she thinks it's yamato and gives him a good kick in the face. Which, I feel, is the best start out to a romance EVER. haha

Anyway, If you wanna find out what happens, seriously check it out. It's such a cute romance and I really enjoy reading it.

Like I said before, each character in the show/manga (more the manga... the anime just seems to rushed...) has their own back story. So I can't really tell you about them since it's how Mei meets them but I can introduce them to you.

Aiko is probably one of my secondary characters. I love how her attitude is so blunt but actually really caring. I feel like people will understand her back story a lot as well.

Kai is a cutie, isn't he? He is one of Yamato's friends and meets Mei. 

Asami is a big busted girl but she is as sweet as can be.

Nakanishi is Yamato's friend who bullies Mei at first.

But yeah!
Seriously, It's a really enjoyable manga. I suggest reading the manga since the anime doesn't seem to be going anywhere and it was a bit rushed.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime/Snow White with red hair Anime Series Review

If you like really cute anime that has a cute little love story then you will love this!
Shirayuki is an herbalist who runs away from her home town because of reasons and ends up meeting Zen. If you have seen Snow White... well... It's similar but definitely different but you get the point. :)

You see how she becomes close to Zen and tries her best to make her life better without the help of others. Of course, having others there does help. 

It's hard to give a complete summary of the series without giving away things but just watch it! It's so cute and I can't stop smiling while watching it. It's so cute! There are some sad parts but it's such a warming anime and I definitely would watch it again after it is complete. 
I can't wait for the next episode. I enjoy it thoroughly.
 I'm definetly going to read the manga and probably collect it once it's published in english. :)

Now I'm going to leave you with a bunch of gifs of the show. 

Rokka no Yuusha/ Braves of the six flowers Anime Review

This one is not complete as of yet but I thought I would start my review now since I'm waiting for the newest episode to come out.

I was pretty interested in this anime in the beginning. However, the episodes have now become a magical 'Clue' show. The young ones that read my reviews might not know what I'm talking about if you never seen it or played the board game. Basically, it's a 'who killed mr. rogers with the spoon' but instead of killing... it's 'who set the trap at the temple and faked being a brave'?! 
It's cool and all but after 5 episodes or more... It gets old.

The characters are alright. The main dude, Adlet, is a arrogant man who thinks he's awesome... "I'm the strongest man in the world!", but really he's just trying to make himself think that way so he can feel better about himself. He's enjoyable for the most part.

Neshatania is a spoiled princess and no matter how nice she is, she annoys the crap out of me. Maybe cause I think another girl should be with Adlet but that's just me. >.> Besides being a brave, you don't really care about knowing much more about her. You have no idea why she has bunny ears on. It's a pointless mystery.

Goldof is Neshatania's knight. I have to admit... He's pretty hot. Don't really know why he's into the princess besides maybe her boobs... >.> Not much is known about him. 

Flamey/Fremy is my favorite because she is a no nonsense type of person and I think she looks awesome. If I cosplayed, I would totally cosplay her. Her outfit is silly though. How her boobs don't fall out is a mystery. You find out about her later once you watch it. :) 

Then there are the other kids that I really don't have very much interest in but you might as well know their names. Not much of a back story on the others but here is what I do know. 

Mora is a saint of the 'mountain'. (Apparently saints are the only ones with powers and girls are the only ones that can be saints. Not much else is known.) As well as head of the 'temple of the whole world.' Whatever that is.... The concept of these characters are rather stupid... 

Hans is a cat assassin person. Apparently he learned his moves from cats? I don't even know... He's cute in a weird way though. lol

Chamo is a crazy little girl. Seriously, crazy. All she wants to do is kill and hurt people. I really don't see how she became a brave to begin with but whatever.

I think that's it? Maybe? Eh, anyway. 
Oh yeah! The monsters in this anime are CGI and that just brings it down. It's not even good CGI. I also don't know how a lot of these characters became braves when they are crazy people. What's up with that? The goddess must be having her time of the month or something to pick most of these people. I just don't understand. She could have done better. 
Anyway, I just want it to get to point and stop acting like a 'who done it' anime. It shouldn't even be about that right now. YOU HAVE TO STOP THE END OF THE WORLD! NOW GET TO THE POINT! CHOP CHOP!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bungaku Shoujo Anime Series/Movie Review

I had high hopes for this anime. I really did. 
I thought it was going to be different.
It was just ALL over the place. With the series and then the movie. I'm not really sure if I should have watched the move first or not but I felt like there wasn't really a good point to this show/movie. I mean, it did have one and I felt like it could have been better if they put it together correctly... but they didn't.
I understand that it was called a book/literature girl but I thought that it was going to be more about her and Konoha.(Really, it wasn't about her AT ALL.) Instead, it was all over the place with random stories about Konoha and other girls and one girl in particular during the movie. I mean, it's fine to know who those people are and everything but I would much rather know more about Touko and Konoha. 
You see things about Konoha meeting a girl, Miu, at school when he was younger and shows a little about them being together in the series and a little in the movie. Which is good to know about the back story. However, If it's going to be called Book/literature girl then it really should be more about her.

But then it goes back and forth between him and her and him and Touko(Literature girl), who, by the way, can only eat books.  (You would think that, that would be interesting enough for a series but NOPE....)

Then it was all over the place with other characters that REALLY didn't have anything to do with anything in the series. (I heard that the manga was completely different and I'm sure they had more roles in there...)

I mean, it's good to know them a little but I felt like they were just kind of pointless episodes. If it was a longer show, maybe it would have been entertaining but it wasn't. 

So, apparently, Miu is nuts and wants Konoha all to her self in a really crazy way.... She also has a big imagination and seems to want to be a writer? Hell, I don't even know. Anyway, Konoha writes a book with her and his name, Miu Inoue. She then gets upset about it and tries to kill her self multiple times. Most of the time, I get why some people think about that stuff but this bitch is crazy and I hated her from the first moment she was brought to the screen. (you will understand if you watch it.) She needs a mental institution.

I feel like the ending of the movie was pretty good though. You do have to watch after the credits a little but I still wanted more about Konoha and Touko.

I'm going to end this with how I feel like the manga should be much much better with a lot more detail. 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

K anime series/movie review

I saw this on Netflix and decided to give it a try.
I felt like this story need a little more information in it but, in general, you get the point of the story. I really enjoyed watching this. The details and shots in this anime were wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the fighting scenes.

I have to say that my favorite characters were from the red kings, Mikoto(Love!), crew, Tatara, Shiro and Neko.

^^^ Mikoto and his crew. Tatara is on the very end on the left.

^^^^ Shiro and Neko.

It does have it's fan service in so beware of that if you don't like boobs or butts in your face.

You really start to care for some of the characters though. At least I did. I really didn't want it to end.

Let me just say, the movie was not on netflix. So, you will have to find it somewhere else. *cough* Internet*cough*
I heard they are suppose to make a second movie or second season (Which I really hope they dooooo.) that will help complete the first movie. 

Be aware that this might make you teary eyed.

Like I said before.... They leave a little bit of info out and I felt a little confused about who real body was whos? (you will understand once you watch). I think it would have made more sense if they had shown all of the kings at the beginning but that's just my opinion. 

Anyway, I really enjoyed this show and I am definetly going to watch the next movie or season. Whichever they pick.

By the way, I'm addicted to the ending song.
I'm just going end this with a few .gifs. :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Alpha Girl Romance Novel Review??? YES! ROMANCE NOVEL!

Ok, so as you can tell from the title of this review, it is a ROMANCE novel. Strange for me to review this, I know. It will be alright. Calm down. If you haven't read a romance novel then I completely understand if you just wanna skip this one. This is going to be a "meh" kind of review so if you are interested in read a romance novel... Don't make this one your first. It's not that great if you don't like a LOT of drama. It's more like a soap opera.
As many of you know, I love romance anime/manga. So, of course I will try romance novels. 
I have read quiet a few romance novels. All of them being paranormal because I just can't get into normals. WAY to boring for my taste. Lately I have been having a kick out of werewolves more than vampires. Maybe because I love wolves? Maybe because I love their strength? Or maybe because I love the thought of being able to transform? Heck, MAYBE ALL OF THE ABOVE!
I was pretty interested in the novel because of the plot. Witches, or should I say ... brujas, werewolves, vampires, as actual undead instead of being perfect beings. I love some witches in the mix. I've always loved witches since I was little. 
I have, however, read some reviews about this and I have to agree.. It does run like a soap. I don't mind having a big drama going down but having more than 2 going down.... Well, it gets old after a while. 
I really like the characters and I enjoy reading about them. (Although, it doesn't really give that much detail about the characters, which is disappoint because I enjoy them.) I feel like it could go a lot faster though. It's just going to slow. It's like.... hmm.... talking about a plan to much and not enough action? To much lead up and not enough of the actual plan. I hate waiting so I really just want to skip right to the action. This story goes through 4 volumes so far. The 5th volume comes out next month. 
So you can imagine how long it takes....
By the way, at the beginning, everything happens pretty quickly and I enjoyed it but at the end of the first volume... NOTHING happened... I mean, things did happen but NO romance and no information on things that were mentioned in the first volume... The second volume starts to give you information about other things and helps with the things that you found out in the first volume but when I started the third volume and STILL no romance. So I can't even really call this a romance novel because there is really NOTHING going on. I mean, there is romance but when you think of a romance novel you think of more than just kissing, if you get my drift. ;) Well, there was kissing but other than that... nothing.
The 4th volume, I didn't even bother with because it completely ignored the 4th volume. Volume 4 changed characters. I absolutely, positively HATE that. If you want to change characters, make it their own series. I don't wanna know about their whole story unless you make a series just for them. I want back to the main story, which is about Tessa and Dastien.
I do plan on trying to read the 5th volume because I enjoy the characters. I just hope that it will get to the point in this volume. 

My point is... If you enjoy a lot of drama, then you will most likely like this series and will probably read all the way through it. Unfortunately for me, I had to skip through it. I did read two and a half books in two days because I really enjoyed the characters. I just got tired of the drama going down one after another. You really can't get into the romance with all the drama going down.
But I hope the 5th volume will get down to the business. I just hope it's not slow....
3.5 out of 5 stars for me. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Anime Review

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.

I thought this anime was SO CUTE! I mean, seriously, so cute! Of course, knowing me, I don't read the summaries. I just dive right into an anime. :P 

This anime is basically about a girl named Inari, who goes to an Inari shrine all the time. She makes a wish and she meets the Inari god, Uka-sama. Things basically turn into a little bit of a mess and she has trials and tribulations with continuing to do things with godly powers. Plus! Learning about new friends and love.

I personally think it's a really good anime. It's more about learning how to overcome your own fears and stand up for yourself, learn to be more confident and know that a true friend will always be there for you.

HOWEVER! There are a few things that bothered me at the very end... Such as... How her brother can see gods? What happens to his relationship. What happens to her friends relationship. (You will realize once you watch it and I'm sure you will totally ship it! Cause I DOOOOOO!) 

OP music is pretty catchy. Kind of reminds me of Kamisama Hajimemashita. 

Art is pretty normal. Nothing to special.

Gokukoku no Brynhildr Anime Review

Gokukoku no Brynhildr.

So, this anime was interesting, to say the least. The OP/EN music was pretty awesome. I definitely wasn't expecting that type of music for this anime. 
The story, kind of, reminded me of Elfen Lied. Although they are similar, they are very different at the same time. 

The girls in this show are witches and the dude is just a regular human. The witches escape from the lab they were torchered by and the lab is looking for them. Each witch has a special ability.

The boy is just a regular human, like I said. When he was a child, he had a childhood friend, who he was obviously in love with, that died. Then he meets this witch that looks exactly like her. 

It's basically about them and some other friends, witches, trying to stay away from the lab. 

The story was pretty good but a LOT of things were left out by the end of the series. 
For example...
His family.
Her family.
What happened to (Can't tell you details because it would ruin it, sort of ?) the girl she was fighting at the end?
What happened to the girls at the end?
One of the main girls memories?
How did one girl still live without her 'mechanics'.
Did they cure them?
Did they get medicine?


So, if you completely just skip over all of that and more and just stick with the main story then you will be alright.
I just like knowing back story....There was none of that here.

But all in all, it was ok. 

Be warned... It has it's perversion in it. It doesn't really show anything though. Just be warned that you probably shouldn't watch it around kids. Just saying.

The art was rather pretty though. It wasn't anything special but it was nice.

I did watch this in 1.25 days. It's really short but I was pretty addicted to finish it.
So although it had it's flaws, I enjoyed watching it. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Anohana: The flower we saw that day Anime Review

I didn't think I would cry about this anime. I mean, I knew it was sad. EVERYONE who knows about this anime, knows it's sad. 
If you don't know about this anime...
Just saying.
If you don't know much about the storyline...
It's about the white hair'd chick, Menma. She's dead. Yeah, dead. No spoiler there. You figure it out in the first 2 minutes. Only one dude can see her, Jintan. Jintan is the dude on the far left. 
Everyone in the picture use to be friends as a child until Menma passed away. After that, they drifted apart and Jintan became a hermit. >.>
Everyone thinks he's crazy and gets upset about Menma. 
But then they start to wonder if he really is telling the truth.
They decide to figure out what Menma's last wish was so that she can go to heaven. 
That's basically it.
Now you know.

So, I mean, it's sad. I knew that. I just didn't think it was going to make me cry. To be honest, I don't know if my tears were happy or sad tears. A little of both maybe?
There are some love triangles in this and some weird, crazy parts that make you think that some people need some mental help. >.< But it's actually a really good anime.

I'm not gonna say it was my favorite and I'm not going to say that it was retardedly sad because it wasn't. It had enough sadness to make me feel and enough funny parts to make me really love most of the characters.
I feel like there wasn't the same amount of time for each character. So, you couldn't like each one of them the same. 
Of course, the main story is more about Jintan and Menma so I guess it didn't really matter about the others... But at the end you kind of wanted to know more about the others because of how much Menma cared about everyone.
You just don't really know what these kids went through with her passing except for Jintan. 

On a side note... You just wanna hug these parents cause these are probably the most understanding parents I have ever seen. Seriously....

The art was nice. Some parts were pretty, flowing and just nice to watch.
The art in general is pretty normal?

The OP is pretty catchy to listen to. I didn't skip it and I felt like it didn't mess up the anime. Like some songs just ruin the moment? This one didn't. 
ED song I didn't really listen to... It's one of those ... meh... songs. You know?

Friday, May 1, 2015

Bloody Kiss Short Story Review

This manga is basically about a girl who wants to remember her first love. 
Wakaba (The chick) finds out that Yukito (The dude, of course.) is her first love. 

I think it was kind of funny cause all she can really remember is him crying and then all of a sudden...

BAM! Boy crying. I'm just like... Ok, he's a cry baby. Alrighty then.

This was an ok short story. I feel like they could have did it a little better. They rushed it in the wrong parts, if that makes sense? All in all, it was ok. Cute story. It was just wasn't put together that well. 

I have to admit though.... The extra story was super cute. 

I felt like they could have made a very interesting manga with it. 
But since it's not, It still had a cute ending. Some may say it was way to rushed and everything BUT you have to think about it in way that she has been doing this for a while. I really liked it. It was cute.

  I can't say much about it but these are both vampire stories so if you don't care for vampires then you probably won't like them. >.>
The manga-ka does have a thing with rose keys... I guess it's one way to show that she made both? But eh.... 

Anyway, It's really cute so you should check them out! 
P.S. Don't confuse this with Bloody Kiss by Furumiya Kazuko. This is not the same person or same manga. This one was created by Yagami Rina. Hope that helps!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

'Another' Anime Review (hehe)

Ok, ok. I couldn't help but giggle at my titled.... 
What do you expect when the anime is called 'Another'?

So, I started watching this a while back and never got around to finishing it because of being busy. I FINALLY decided to watch the rest of it and not be lazy and I'm so glad I did. 
This anime was created from a book and if you like paranormal/gore, you will love this anime...

On that note.... CAUTION: Please be aware to not watch this in front of children unless its ok for them to see gore.

I couldn't stop watching anime. I literally spent my day watching all 12 episodes. It's THAT good!
Who ever wrote the book, they should make more... and then they should make it into an anime because this was really great! I feel like it had just enough of everything in it. Not over doing anything. 

(If I cosplayed, I would definitely cosplay as Mei, the girl in the picture above.

I don't really have any big complaints about this anime. I do have to admit that with all the different characters... You get a bit confused at the very end... For me, I didn't really understand the part about remembering 1.5 years ago.... I felt like I was getting way confused about that part and I would really love to learn what had happen to make Koichi be there at that time... Also, why doesn't he remember? If anyone has some clues as to what happened... Please let me know cause I really got confused at that part.

 I feel like if you like the anime, Ghost hunt, you will also like this one as well. It has a different premise of course, but it's in the same category. 

It definitely kept you guessing and I enjoyed it to the very end. I even enjoyed the ending! Yes! The ending! Surprising for me, I know! I never like endings! 

I suggest everyone that can endure blood to watch this! You won't be disappointed!  
(Little heads up.... This is a pretty serious anime with a little bit of comic relief in little parts of it. So if you like a lot of comic relief, you won't find it here.)

So I really liked the art. It gave the creepyness at the right time and the cuteness at just the right moment. 

So, The beginning song is by Ali Project. The singer that also made the opening for Rozen Maiden. She has her own unique sounds and I personally like her.
The ending song.... I didn't stay to long to listen to, to be honest. lol 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tokyo Ghoul √A Rreview

Many of you know that I really love Tokyo Ghoul.. Others have no idea. THAT'S OK! JUST WATCH IT!
I really loved the first season. The second season also kept my interest very much. I watched it every week. It had a lot of interesting twists and turns in it. 
I did have some complaints about it. 
There were some things they didn't really go into detail about and you were just like.... what was the point in bringing those characters into play.... *cough*The twins*Cough*
I wanted to know more about these girls and to find out why they were following Kaneki and what exactly their purpose was.... They just disappeared and it was sort of pointless to put those girls (as cool as they look) in the anime.... 
I feel like they could have done a little more with this season. 
The ending was just empty for me.... I wanted more and was left hanging. 
If you could have seen my face.... Mouth open... Eyes wide... hands on head.... Hair tussled.... Yeah... That was me.
One other thing... 
To many things unanswered.....

I'm not sure if I will watch the next season or not... I mean, I hope they give more info on these people but I don't think they will.... 

Anyway, All in all... I think this season was ok. I think they could have made it longer and gave more information and did some different things. 

I still think it's a good anime though and would definitely watch it again.

Opening and Ending songs were not my favorite though. Just saying.