Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Alpha Girl Romance Novel Review??? YES! ROMANCE NOVEL!

Ok, so as you can tell from the title of this review, it is a ROMANCE novel. Strange for me to review this, I know. It will be alright. Calm down. If you haven't read a romance novel then I completely understand if you just wanna skip this one. This is going to be a "meh" kind of review so if you are interested in read a romance novel... Don't make this one your first. It's not that great if you don't like a LOT of drama. It's more like a soap opera.
As many of you know, I love romance anime/manga. So, of course I will try romance novels. 
I have read quiet a few romance novels. All of them being paranormal because I just can't get into normals. WAY to boring for my taste. Lately I have been having a kick out of werewolves more than vampires. Maybe because I love wolves? Maybe because I love their strength? Or maybe because I love the thought of being able to transform? Heck, MAYBE ALL OF THE ABOVE!
I was pretty interested in the novel because of the plot. Witches, or should I say ... brujas, werewolves, vampires, as actual undead instead of being perfect beings. I love some witches in the mix. I've always loved witches since I was little. 
I have, however, read some reviews about this and I have to agree.. It does run like a soap. I don't mind having a big drama going down but having more than 2 going down.... Well, it gets old after a while. 
I really like the characters and I enjoy reading about them. (Although, it doesn't really give that much detail about the characters, which is disappoint because I enjoy them.) I feel like it could go a lot faster though. It's just going to slow. It's like.... hmm.... talking about a plan to much and not enough action? To much lead up and not enough of the actual plan. I hate waiting so I really just want to skip right to the action. This story goes through 4 volumes so far. The 5th volume comes out next month. 
So you can imagine how long it takes....
By the way, at the beginning, everything happens pretty quickly and I enjoyed it but at the end of the first volume... NOTHING happened... I mean, things did happen but NO romance and no information on things that were mentioned in the first volume... The second volume starts to give you information about other things and helps with the things that you found out in the first volume but when I started the third volume and STILL no romance. So I can't even really call this a romance novel because there is really NOTHING going on. I mean, there is romance but when you think of a romance novel you think of more than just kissing, if you get my drift. ;) Well, there was kissing but other than that... nothing.
The 4th volume, I didn't even bother with because it completely ignored the 4th volume. Volume 4 changed characters. I absolutely, positively HATE that. If you want to change characters, make it their own series. I don't wanna know about their whole story unless you make a series just for them. I want back to the main story, which is about Tessa and Dastien.
I do plan on trying to read the 5th volume because I enjoy the characters. I just hope that it will get to the point in this volume. 

My point is... If you enjoy a lot of drama, then you will most likely like this series and will probably read all the way through it. Unfortunately for me, I had to skip through it. I did read two and a half books in two days because I really enjoyed the characters. I just got tired of the drama going down one after another. You really can't get into the romance with all the drama going down.
But I hope the 5th volume will get down to the business. I just hope it's not slow....
3.5 out of 5 stars for me. 

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