Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bungaku Shoujo Anime Series/Movie Review

I had high hopes for this anime. I really did. 
I thought it was going to be different.
It was just ALL over the place. With the series and then the movie. I'm not really sure if I should have watched the move first or not but I felt like there wasn't really a good point to this show/movie. I mean, it did have one and I felt like it could have been better if they put it together correctly... but they didn't.
I understand that it was called a book/literature girl but I thought that it was going to be more about her and Konoha.(Really, it wasn't about her AT ALL.) Instead, it was all over the place with random stories about Konoha and other girls and one girl in particular during the movie. I mean, it's fine to know who those people are and everything but I would much rather know more about Touko and Konoha. 
You see things about Konoha meeting a girl, Miu, at school when he was younger and shows a little about them being together in the series and a little in the movie. Which is good to know about the back story. However, If it's going to be called Book/literature girl then it really should be more about her.

But then it goes back and forth between him and her and him and Touko(Literature girl), who, by the way, can only eat books.  (You would think that, that would be interesting enough for a series but NOPE....)

Then it was all over the place with other characters that REALLY didn't have anything to do with anything in the series. (I heard that the manga was completely different and I'm sure they had more roles in there...)

I mean, it's good to know them a little but I felt like they were just kind of pointless episodes. If it was a longer show, maybe it would have been entertaining but it wasn't. 

So, apparently, Miu is nuts and wants Konoha all to her self in a really crazy way.... She also has a big imagination and seems to want to be a writer? Hell, I don't even know. Anyway, Konoha writes a book with her and his name, Miu Inoue. She then gets upset about it and tries to kill her self multiple times. Most of the time, I get why some people think about that stuff but this bitch is crazy and I hated her from the first moment she was brought to the screen. (you will understand if you watch it.) She needs a mental institution.

I feel like the ending of the movie was pretty good though. You do have to watch after the credits a little but I still wanted more about Konoha and Touko.

I'm going to end this with how I feel like the manga should be much much better with a lot more detail. 

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