Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Owari No Seraph Anime Review

(Just to let everyone know, I am on the second season now. So, please understand that this is a review on an incomplete anime and these are my thoughts.)

First of all, I didn't really have a lot of high hopes for this anime because of the art. (I know. I know. Don't judge a book by it's cover.) You have to understand though... I thought the art was really nice but other reviews were saying this was dark... It really isn't that dark.
Sure... It has blood. It's a vampire anime so that's nothing surprising. It doesn't even show the gore parts. You just see a bunch of blood splatter. That's fine and all but it's nothing special. 
The people dying, I feel like you were suppose to feel bad for them but really, I didn't care. Is that wrong of me? Does that make me a monster? WOOPS! Seriously. Didn't care. 

I feel like they could make this into a two hour movie and get the same point across that they did in the first season of this show. (And probably the second season by the looks of it.) They have to many scenery shots in this and they aren't even that good! I get it. Japan is decaying. I understand. You really don't have to show it in almost every shot. I. Do. Not. Care.

I have to admit that the whole demon weapons are pretty cool. I enjoy the fighting scenes. But I feel that they are to short. It's like... Fight! Back off. Fight! Run away. Fight! Lose control once and it was awesome! Run away. 
It's a lot of running away and not enough action. For a 12 episode season, it felt like a lot of filler scenes. 
It kind of reminds me of blue exorcist a little bit. Just with how it's laid out. A school and going to school and then fighting and such. It also kind of reminded me of tokyo ghoul with the whole demon inside of one of the guys. 
It's not a bad anime and I do enjoy watching it but I'm not going to say this is one of my favorites. It's alright.
The characters are enjoyable though. 
I would probably cosplay Shinoa, if I cosplayed. Mostly because I like her attitude and she's short and she has a scythe. I love scythe. lol

I feel like this one could be a hit or miss with a lot of people. It's not one of those anime that you're crazy if you skip over it. SO FAR. Now, If I get to the end of the series and that changes, I will update this. But so far, it's nothing special that I demand people to watch. It's just one of those 'Oh you never watched it? Well, maybe if you have time one day, you might want to watch it.' I wouldn't say its a 'should watch it' type of anime.