Monday, August 25, 2014

Inu x boku ss review

So, this anime was so cute! The art was really cute. It had a sense of comedy in each epsiode but I do have to admit, I wish it had more serious, love scenes in it. It had a pretty good storyline but they didn't do much with it.
A little note about watching the episodes... Keep watching after each episode because there are little cute parts after every episode. :3 
Unfortunately I haven't heard anything about a second season even though the manga keeps going after that. Though, I tried to read the manga and it is.... (WARNING) very sad. I really wasn't expecting such a sad manga. I was hoping for more romance and love love stuff.... That didn't happen. 
I hate when manga repeats it's self and that's what this did. It did have little difference of course but all in all... It just kind of broke my heart. So unless you like rereading basically the same thing and having your heart broken then go for it! 
If you don't... Then watch then anime and stop there and make fan fictions or something.
But all in all, I really liked  the anime. 
And everyone should check it out!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

TMI Video? Health Update. Anime Review.

I'm thinking about doing a TMI video. What do you guys think? Should I do it now or should I post it after I move? That would be later on next month.

Update on my healing process...
I'm doing better. My stomach is still a little sore and swollen but I'm able to move around more and go to stores for a certain amount of time. I do need rest after though, but, like I said, I'm doing better. :D Hopefully the rest of the swelling around the bottom of my stomach will go away because it makes me uncomfortable.

Now on to the anime review. 

So I recently watched... most of Diabolik Lovers.... And let me just say... It pissed me off. Not really because of how the vampires acted but how the main character girl acted. She disappointed me. The vampires acted like I expected but I just didn't like how PATHETIC the girl acted. I mean, she didn't help her case at all. She didn't push them off. She didn't say 'Fuck off!' She didn't try anything but sit there and take everything they did. There is a difference in trying to make the main character seem innocent or trying to make it look like she is a rag doll or slave. I mean, I understand that she was there to be a 'bride' ... (More like food/slave) to the vampires but there is a limit. They need to give her a little more self worth and have more of an attitude. I just don't think a lot of people are going to like this anime. Now, I did watch some of the episodes and then I just had to skip through it because it just wasn't going anywhere. I skipped to last episode and it didn't really go how I was expecting. I was expecting her to get through to them and change them for the better and make them care a little bit... and you can kind of see a little change BUT it basically just stayed the same. It was a boring ending. Even though it was such an annoying anime... besides that, it was just boring. I didn't get into it and I was very disappointed.
One good point about the anime though, I loved the art. It was very beautiful. I loved the colors they used and how dark it was. But other than that.... nothing else really interested me.
I thought it was going to go in a different direction and I was disappointed.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sayonara walmart!

Well, since I am unable to work the last couple of days at walmart because of my surgery.... I had to tell everyone goodbye via Facebook. 
I have to admit. I will miss the people at walmart. They made my time (5 years) bearable and somewhat memorable. I definitely won't miss the holidays and Black Friday at walmart. I will miss making money and hopefully I can find something to help me make some money at home. (Anyone have any ideas?) I won't miss walmart. 
As much I would like to think that I made friends at walmart.... I know I didn't. They just know my work form. Not my true form. If they did, they wouldn't like me very much. Lol 
Do I really think they will talk to me after this or miss me? No, not really. Maybe check in once every 5 years maybe? I try to act like I care but.... I don't. I couldn't really careless. Which I guess it's kind of bad? I'm guessing. I don't know. 
Anyway, review on working for walmart? Sure... A little bit about walmart.
Walmart is an alright company to work for. It's definitely better than other companies from what I'm told. I do have to say that each walmart is different. Depending on each walmart, they can treat you very differently. 
I have worked at two different walmart stores and I have to say.... The first (which was also my last) was my favorite. They treated me with more respect and treated me equally. They helped me and understood me. They tried to understand and hear me out. 
The second store I went to was in the middle of nowhere and disrespected me. They made women feel second class and low. 
I was very glad when I went back to my old store.
I do think that walmart needs to pay their associates a little more. They do quiet a bit. Running everywhere. Trying to do everything for everyone else plus help customers. Let alone, processing and putting up frieght. Handling customers and cleaning up during back to school, holidays and Black Friday. Never having a holiday off except Christmas Day unless you work third shift. Then you have to work Christmas night. Which sucks a lot. 
All in all, walmart is not a bad company to work for. Sometimes they give you bonus'. Although you have to work every holiday, you get paid for it. And you get a pretty good amount of hours unless you work as a cashier.... Then they mess your schedule up and make it crazy. But anyway...
I'm not going to miss walmart. I'm going to miss the pay though.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Well, sorry I haven't posted anything. I've been sick for the past couple days and I've been in the hospital. I had to get my appendix removed. Not fun but at least I don't have to worry about them later. Very sore at the moment but I'm sure I will be out of here soon. Sorry to everyone!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Crystal Review

So, when I first saw the art way back when it first emerged from the shadows... I was let down. I thought it would look a little more mature now since the main fans are older now. 
Since I have started watching the show now and now waiting for the newest episode to come out.... I don't think it is a complete loss like I thought it would be. 
I still don't really care for the art... They are a bit to skinny and Mamoru looks like a toothpick. 
I absolutely hate the CGI in the transformations though. They could have done so much better. I'm very very disappointed. In the older version, it was my favorite part of the episode. Now, I just want to skip past it. Which makes me sad. :( 
I am happy how they are progressing so far though. They are getting to the point and the romance and feeling between Usagi and Mamoru is much better. I love that. It's not as silly as the older one which I am happy about. Although the art isn't as mature as I would have hoped.... They have made up for that in the story. 
I do love the commercial pictures though.... I think all of them are so beautiful!
I do think that the Moon Pride video is a little misleading but very beautiful. I think the art in the video is a little different than the show... but in a good way? I did love the video though.

So! All in all.... I'm pleased so far.
I will give it a 8/10 just because I am very disappointed in the transformations. I am excited about the romance though. Hoping to see more in the upcoming episodes. :D 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Older outfit post since I'm still updating everyone. :)

I thought everyone would be interested in this post since I really like this outfit. :3Since I am a very cheap person and poor I can't buy a bunch of new things all the time but I still hope for you to enjoy my posts! Anyway!Here is the breakdown: Cardigan: Forever21Blouse: Wal-MartSkirt: Free PeopleShoes: EbayI am sorry that I can't get a better picture. My parents house is very dark and it's hard to get any quality photos. :( Hopefully once I move I will be able to wear more of my clothing. Since my parents house is so small... I just don't have enough room for anything so right now I'm living out of a laundry basket. D: 

Spell of desire/Majo no Biyaku review

I have been waiting for this manga to be published for forever! I love Tomu Ohmi! Her art is so pretty and her stories are so good! She also made Midnight Secretary. So far, these are the only two I know of that have been published in America.
On to the review! Since I have read more than just the first volume *cough* online *cough*. I know a little more that what is going to happen. But don't worry! I will try not to completely spoil it for you! They haven't published a lot of it online either actually. It's kind of sad. :(
So, basically, It's about the girl, Kaoruko Mochizuki, and the guy, Kaname Hibiki, who are on the cover here, obviously.... Kaoruko runs a herb shop up in the mountains that her grandmother who passed away had. One day, this dude, Kaname, comes basically barging in saying shes the daughter of the most powerful dark/black witch, The 'Witch Queen' and that she has her powers and he is basically here to protect her.
I have to say, Kaoruko is a very pretty, adorable woman and doesn't know how to depend on anyone so for him to be here is very strange for her. Kaname, on the other hand, is very similar to her other character from Midnight Secretary but more playful? I suppose. Kind of a pervert but he's cute so It's ok. :P
The book is basically about her trying to control her powers and how it affects everyone around them.
The book does progress quickly but once you notice the timing, you kind of understand.
I don't really have any complaints so far. I think it's cute. It doesn't progress slowly like other shoujo manga does.
I'm not exactly sure how many volumes there are going to be since there isn't very much info on the manga. It's not very popular, yet.
Now on to the art!
The art is very sleek and has just the right flow to it when it comes to main characters. Although, background characters don't get as much care.
This is not a spoiler because if you just start reading it.... well, you will understand.

Anyhow, as you can tell, background characters don't get as much details. Which is kind of disappointing but I understand what she's doing. I just think she could have spent a little more time on them. Proportions and all... Ehhe....
Anyway, I think that's all for today! You guys should definitely check this manga out! If you're into romance you will love her and her books!

Monday, August 11, 2014

I wasn't going to post anything more but...

Robin Williams just died and I'm really upset.
I think most people knew he had depression but I don't think anyone realized that it would come to this. I'm seriously holding back tears. He was such an amazing person and such a great actor.
I'm so sad right now. He will be missed so much.
You could feel the emotions in his movies and you would just fall in love with his characters.

I feel like rewatching his movies. :(

Reasons why I have been away,

Sooooo, I'm sorry I haven't been on my blog in while. A lot of things have been going on and to be honest, I just haven't had much to say. Most of the time I am on tumblr. Which you can check out the link on the side bar >>>>>>.
Anyway, I've gotten married and my husband is in the Air Force now so he has been gone for a while. I have moved back into my parents until I am able to be with him again. I will be moving again next month. So, I might not post very much again. So I am sorry about that.
Once we do move, I'm pretty sure I will post more since I won't be working. I would like to make this blog more for reviews, outfit shots and a little bit of personal posts.
So, whoever follows my blog, I hope you enjoy and become my friends! :)

Haven't posted in a while! Outfit post to start off this new year!

Basically everything is off brand!
My necklace and shoes are both from Ebay.