Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sayonara walmart!

Well, since I am unable to work the last couple of days at walmart because of my surgery.... I had to tell everyone goodbye via Facebook. 
I have to admit. I will miss the people at walmart. They made my time (5 years) bearable and somewhat memorable. I definitely won't miss the holidays and Black Friday at walmart. I will miss making money and hopefully I can find something to help me make some money at home. (Anyone have any ideas?) I won't miss walmart. 
As much I would like to think that I made friends at walmart.... I know I didn't. They just know my work form. Not my true form. If they did, they wouldn't like me very much. Lol 
Do I really think they will talk to me after this or miss me? No, not really. Maybe check in once every 5 years maybe? I try to act like I care but.... I don't. I couldn't really careless. Which I guess it's kind of bad? I'm guessing. I don't know. 
Anyway, review on working for walmart? Sure... A little bit about walmart.
Walmart is an alright company to work for. It's definitely better than other companies from what I'm told. I do have to say that each walmart is different. Depending on each walmart, they can treat you very differently. 
I have worked at two different walmart stores and I have to say.... The first (which was also my last) was my favorite. They treated me with more respect and treated me equally. They helped me and understood me. They tried to understand and hear me out. 
The second store I went to was in the middle of nowhere and disrespected me. They made women feel second class and low. 
I was very glad when I went back to my old store.
I do think that walmart needs to pay their associates a little more. They do quiet a bit. Running everywhere. Trying to do everything for everyone else plus help customers. Let alone, processing and putting up frieght. Handling customers and cleaning up during back to school, holidays and Black Friday. Never having a holiday off except Christmas Day unless you work third shift. Then you have to work Christmas night. Which sucks a lot. 
All in all, walmart is not a bad company to work for. Sometimes they give you bonus'. Although you have to work every holiday, you get paid for it. And you get a pretty good amount of hours unless you work as a cashier.... Then they mess your schedule up and make it crazy. But anyway...
I'm not going to miss walmart. I'm going to miss the pay though.

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