Monday, August 25, 2014

Inu x boku ss review

So, this anime was so cute! The art was really cute. It had a sense of comedy in each epsiode but I do have to admit, I wish it had more serious, love scenes in it. It had a pretty good storyline but they didn't do much with it.
A little note about watching the episodes... Keep watching after each episode because there are little cute parts after every episode. :3 
Unfortunately I haven't heard anything about a second season even though the manga keeps going after that. Though, I tried to read the manga and it is.... (WARNING) very sad. I really wasn't expecting such a sad manga. I was hoping for more romance and love love stuff.... That didn't happen. 
I hate when manga repeats it's self and that's what this did. It did have little difference of course but all in all... It just kind of broke my heart. So unless you like rereading basically the same thing and having your heart broken then go for it! 
If you don't... Then watch then anime and stop there and make fan fictions or something.
But all in all, I really liked  the anime. 
And everyone should check it out!

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