Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Crystal Review

So, when I first saw the art way back when it first emerged from the shadows... I was let down. I thought it would look a little more mature now since the main fans are older now. 
Since I have started watching the show now and now waiting for the newest episode to come out.... I don't think it is a complete loss like I thought it would be. 
I still don't really care for the art... They are a bit to skinny and Mamoru looks like a toothpick. 
I absolutely hate the CGI in the transformations though. They could have done so much better. I'm very very disappointed. In the older version, it was my favorite part of the episode. Now, I just want to skip past it. Which makes me sad. :( 
I am happy how they are progressing so far though. They are getting to the point and the romance and feeling between Usagi and Mamoru is much better. I love that. It's not as silly as the older one which I am happy about. Although the art isn't as mature as I would have hoped.... They have made up for that in the story. 
I do love the commercial pictures though.... I think all of them are so beautiful!
I do think that the Moon Pride video is a little misleading but very beautiful. I think the art in the video is a little different than the show... but in a good way? I did love the video though.

So! All in all.... I'm pleased so far.
I will give it a 8/10 just because I am very disappointed in the transformations. I am excited about the romance though. Hoping to see more in the upcoming episodes. :D 

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