Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wizard Barristers Review

For starters, the story is pretty good. The art is ok. 

They are basically wizard detective/lawyers. It goes more in depth for the girl, Cecil, in the picture. She becomes a barrister... (Lawyer) You find out that she wants to become one to help her mother who is on death row. 
You find some stuff out about her and that people are after her.

Like I said, the story/plot is pretty good. 

I could careless for the fan service/perverted parts. 

I did notice that episode 11 cut out quite a lot. Like.... ALL of the good parts. The whole episode was of stills and just crappy parts... They didn't even show the good parts... D: How do you feel sad when everything was cut out? Once you watch it you will realize what I mean when I say, 'It was way to easy....' It almost looks like they ran out of time or they didn't have enough money to finish the scene. I don't know but either way... I was very disappointed... :/

And the ending was just stupid. I was very disappointed. 

I don't even think it's worth the watch. 
The beginning was good but the ending was just awful. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Item reviews!

So I bought a few more things from ebay and aliexpress and finally got them in the mail yesterday. I am still waiting for a few more things to come in but until then... Here are the things I got! :)

I really love this wig and I have been wanting one FOREVER! I love pastel goth and always loved this wig with pastel goth outfits. Now, finally, I can do some cute outfits with this wig as well! :D YAY!

This is the wig on. My head looks really long but it's not that bad in real life. It was a quick snap right after I put it on. (You can also see my other items that I got in the photo as well. Also, excuse the no make up. Takes to much energy to put on makeup for a photo of a wig...)

The wig is super soft and LONG. I love love love long hair and it's super pretty! It also came with a free wig cap that I have on. 
But this is what it came in.

Fancy little bag/box thing for a wig cap. But I thought it was pretty. xD

I also got some more hair accessories!
HORNS! Yes! That's right! HORNS!

I got them in an assortment of colors as well! :3

I don't have much to say about them. They are pretty and they do their job! Plus they were cheap. :D
I love them!

BJD Tights are super cute and they work well with lolita fashion. Plus if you want to be a creepy doll for halloween... There you go! ;D 

They weren't wrapped in plastic or anything but they look brand new. They are pretty wrinkly out of the bag but they look good besides that!
They weren't to expensive either. :)

Last but not least! Thigh sock tights!

I was pretty impressed with these. I thought they were just going to be some thin tights but the black part actually feels like a thick type of nylon! Almost like actual socks. I am very happy with these!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Ebay tights review!

Price- $2.36 + Free shipping!

I ordered these tights March 9th and received them today on March 20th! :) 

They came in a very small bag and when I opened them there was a bit of a printed smell. Like they just made them. The smell left quickly though. :)

They are super soft!

They are a little bit see through on the legs. Which is fine since it gets super hot in the summer here and I need tights that will be easy to breath in.

The waist is not see through which I'm very please with. I'm glad that they used a thicker material for that. :) 

Unfortunately I do not have a picture of me wearing them yet. BUT! Once I get to try them on I will post a picture! :) 

I think that these are wonderful tights; especially for how much they were! I'm super happy! :D

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso/Your lie in April Review

First impression!

My god the art is amazing! It's so fluid and they really took some time with this one. I mean when you first start the 1st episode... BAM! Beautifulness and great flow in the first 60 seconds.... Just.... I don't even know! It made me really excited to watch it!
I really love classical music so if you're not into it. You might not like it.
It's a bit slow through the episodes. They try to give you background in each episode and I feel like it gets old. Like, you get the point in the first couple episodes. Plus, they cover the music up with memories and I. Really. Don't. Care! I want to listen to the music! 
They do have a little CGI in it. Which, everyone knows that I do not care for CGI. It's not so bad though. It's very subtle. Since they only use it for playing the piano. I really like how it gives you a natural feel to it. As if it was real.
The feelings that you get with the characters in this anime are pretty good.

This is a sad anime!
If you do not like sad anime shows then do not watch!

I feel like there are going to be two different types of people when watching this...
1. The type who cries at the first episode.
2. The type who cries at the later episodes.
You are going to at least shed one tear in this anime. 
I mean... I, personally, feel like it isn't a tear-jerker because I have seen some pretty sad stuff and this just isn't that bad, but that just depends on the person, I suppose.
Most of the characters aren't that bad. 

There is one that gets on my nerves and if you see it, you might understand what I mean.

Let me start with...
There is sort of a love Square(?) turn to love Triangle(?).
There are 4 main characters in this. (The ones in the pictures obviously. >.<)
Kosei Arima. (Glasses dude)
Kaori Miyazono. (Blonde Chick)
Tsubaki Sawabe. (Short brown haired chick)
Ryota Watari. (Smiley brown haired boy)

Anyway, I'm just gonna tell ya that Tsubaki gets on my LAAAAAST nerve!
I feel like she's selfish and spoiled and super annoying. If you love someone, you want them to be happy and will do anything to make them happy. You don't hold them back. You help them achieve whatever they are trying to do. 

SHE DOES NONE OF THAT and it drives me nuts!

I feel like a lot of people don't understand what she's doing. They just think that she's in pain and she deserves to be happy. BUT! She hasn't helped herself become happy. She has dragged herself down and made people who are watching this anime feel bad for her.
Then when she tries to make herself happy she doesn't do it the correct way. She makes things worse for the other characters and she is just being selfish!
So for that character.... I wish she would just be smacked or something.  Make her grow up and get a grip. >:(

The opening is ok. I tend to skip it a lot.
I really like the ending. I love the way it starts and I would listen to the whole thing if I wasn't so impatient to see the next episode. :P 

Anywho! I feel like this anime is like a 6.5/10.
It's pretty boring at time but then it has really emotional parts to it that make me want to watch more.
I hope to see what happens next! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Item Review! Eyeball Bows!

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting in a few weeks! 
Ever since I first saw them, I have wanted them. The only thing is, is that they were super expensive for just bow! (Like $6.00 for ONE! I'm a cheapskate and don't want to spend the much money on just one bow. >.>) 
I looked and looked.... and looked some more and STILL couldn't find any...

I found some on Aliexpress! FINALLY! JESUS! x.x (Shop link will be down on the bottom!)

However, they do have sales so that you can save a few cents here and there. As of right now, they are $4.05 a pair. So I mean.... Not a whole lot but still enough, if you are a penny pincher like myself. :P
Anyway, I paid March 9th and they shipped them off on March 10th. 
They arrived today, March 18th! I was really surprised at how fast they were. Super duper happy with shipping!
(Btw, the shipping is free! ;D WOOT!)
My package was in a box. (As shown below.)
Then I opened it, of course.
AND MORE! (Plus a little extra something!) :D
Close up of the little starfish extra hair clip I got.

I was very surpised to see the little starfish clip inside. It's such a nice, sweet thing! And I will love and wear it to the beach! 
I thought it was nice because I live really close to the beach and if I want to look like a mermaid... STARFISH CLIP! :D Yay! hehe (Ok... I think I'm done squeeling over this. >.<... Maybe. >.>)

They also sent me their store not. Sorry the pictures wonky :( 

Lastly! A picture with me wearing one in my hair! :D

They are super nice! Not flimsy or anything! The hair clips are metal and strong and easy to put in your hair. 
So, all in all. 10/10! Super happy with everything! :D

If you want to buy yourself some cute eyeball bows, Check them out!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

F no meikyuu oneshot review

Ok so... I don't usually do short manga/oneshot reviews because there isn't usually very much information to even write about. They are mostly the same cute school girl falling for a guy.... But I decided that I might as well start because at least I can give my two sense about it.
So for my first oneshot to write about.... I give the award toooooooo

F no meikyuu!!! Congratulations for actually keeping me interested and not wanting to just skip to the end! 
This little one shot was actually a little different from most of them. I feel like they could have made it a pretty long manga if they wanted to, but for this.... I feel like they gave just the right amount of information for me not to get to upset at the end. 

It's about this girl who pretty much gets lost/falls into danger where ever she goes and her "friend" always knows where she is and how to help her because apparently he's psychic .... Seriously.... 
Her brother and only family member is a detective and they have to do this case and he brings her "friend" along to help him with the case. As you expect.... The main character gets in some trouble with the case and guess who comes to save the day!!!
But I'm not really giving the oneshot it's justice. You will just have to read. It's worth it and it's not very long for those who can't sit still for very long.

I feel like the art is about average for one shots.... Nothing to special. 
So I can say I give this about a 4/5. 
Anyway, I hope this helps and you check it out if you're into one shots. :3