Friday, March 20, 2015

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso/Your lie in April Review

First impression!

My god the art is amazing! It's so fluid and they really took some time with this one. I mean when you first start the 1st episode... BAM! Beautifulness and great flow in the first 60 seconds.... Just.... I don't even know! It made me really excited to watch it!
I really love classical music so if you're not into it. You might not like it.
It's a bit slow through the episodes. They try to give you background in each episode and I feel like it gets old. Like, you get the point in the first couple episodes. Plus, they cover the music up with memories and I. Really. Don't. Care! I want to listen to the music! 
They do have a little CGI in it. Which, everyone knows that I do not care for CGI. It's not so bad though. It's very subtle. Since they only use it for playing the piano. I really like how it gives you a natural feel to it. As if it was real.
The feelings that you get with the characters in this anime are pretty good.

This is a sad anime!
If you do not like sad anime shows then do not watch!

I feel like there are going to be two different types of people when watching this...
1. The type who cries at the first episode.
2. The type who cries at the later episodes.
You are going to at least shed one tear in this anime. 
I mean... I, personally, feel like it isn't a tear-jerker because I have seen some pretty sad stuff and this just isn't that bad, but that just depends on the person, I suppose.
Most of the characters aren't that bad. 

There is one that gets on my nerves and if you see it, you might understand what I mean.

Let me start with...
There is sort of a love Square(?) turn to love Triangle(?).
There are 4 main characters in this. (The ones in the pictures obviously. >.<)
Kosei Arima. (Glasses dude)
Kaori Miyazono. (Blonde Chick)
Tsubaki Sawabe. (Short brown haired chick)
Ryota Watari. (Smiley brown haired boy)

Anyway, I'm just gonna tell ya that Tsubaki gets on my LAAAAAST nerve!
I feel like she's selfish and spoiled and super annoying. If you love someone, you want them to be happy and will do anything to make them happy. You don't hold them back. You help them achieve whatever they are trying to do. 

SHE DOES NONE OF THAT and it drives me nuts!

I feel like a lot of people don't understand what she's doing. They just think that she's in pain and she deserves to be happy. BUT! She hasn't helped herself become happy. She has dragged herself down and made people who are watching this anime feel bad for her.
Then when she tries to make herself happy she doesn't do it the correct way. She makes things worse for the other characters and she is just being selfish!
So for that character.... I wish she would just be smacked or something.  Make her grow up and get a grip. >:(

The opening is ok. I tend to skip it a lot.
I really like the ending. I love the way it starts and I would listen to the whole thing if I wasn't so impatient to see the next episode. :P 

Anywho! I feel like this anime is like a 6.5/10.
It's pretty boring at time but then it has really emotional parts to it that make me want to watch more.
I hope to see what happens next! :)

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