Thursday, March 5, 2015

F no meikyuu oneshot review

Ok so... I don't usually do short manga/oneshot reviews because there isn't usually very much information to even write about. They are mostly the same cute school girl falling for a guy.... But I decided that I might as well start because at least I can give my two sense about it.
So for my first oneshot to write about.... I give the award toooooooo

F no meikyuu!!! Congratulations for actually keeping me interested and not wanting to just skip to the end! 
This little one shot was actually a little different from most of them. I feel like they could have made it a pretty long manga if they wanted to, but for this.... I feel like they gave just the right amount of information for me not to get to upset at the end. 

It's about this girl who pretty much gets lost/falls into danger where ever she goes and her "friend" always knows where she is and how to help her because apparently he's psychic .... Seriously.... 
Her brother and only family member is a detective and they have to do this case and he brings her "friend" along to help him with the case. As you expect.... The main character gets in some trouble with the case and guess who comes to save the day!!!
But I'm not really giving the oneshot it's justice. You will just have to read. It's worth it and it's not very long for those who can't sit still for very long.

I feel like the art is about average for one shots.... Nothing to special. 
So I can say I give this about a 4/5. 
Anyway, I hope this helps and you check it out if you're into one shots. :3

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