Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Item reviews!

So I bought a few more things from ebay and aliexpress and finally got them in the mail yesterday. I am still waiting for a few more things to come in but until then... Here are the things I got! :)

I really love this wig and I have been wanting one FOREVER! I love pastel goth and always loved this wig with pastel goth outfits. Now, finally, I can do some cute outfits with this wig as well! :D YAY!

This is the wig on. My head looks really long but it's not that bad in real life. It was a quick snap right after I put it on. (You can also see my other items that I got in the photo as well. Also, excuse the no make up. Takes to much energy to put on makeup for a photo of a wig...)

The wig is super soft and LONG. I love love love long hair and it's super pretty! It also came with a free wig cap that I have on. 
But this is what it came in.

Fancy little bag/box thing for a wig cap. But I thought it was pretty. xD

I also got some more hair accessories!
HORNS! Yes! That's right! HORNS!

I got them in an assortment of colors as well! :3

I don't have much to say about them. They are pretty and they do their job! Plus they were cheap. :D
I love them!

BJD Tights are super cute and they work well with lolita fashion. Plus if you want to be a creepy doll for halloween... There you go! ;D 

They weren't wrapped in plastic or anything but they look brand new. They are pretty wrinkly out of the bag but they look good besides that!
They weren't to expensive either. :)

Last but not least! Thigh sock tights!

I was pretty impressed with these. I thought they were just going to be some thin tights but the black part actually feels like a thick type of nylon! Almost like actual socks. I am very happy with these!

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