Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wizard Barristers Review

For starters, the story is pretty good. The art is ok. 

They are basically wizard detective/lawyers. It goes more in depth for the girl, Cecil, in the picture. She becomes a barrister... (Lawyer) You find out that she wants to become one to help her mother who is on death row. 
You find some stuff out about her and that people are after her.

Like I said, the story/plot is pretty good. 

I could careless for the fan service/perverted parts. 

I did notice that episode 11 cut out quite a lot. Like.... ALL of the good parts. The whole episode was of stills and just crappy parts... They didn't even show the good parts... D: How do you feel sad when everything was cut out? Once you watch it you will realize what I mean when I say, 'It was way to easy....' It almost looks like they ran out of time or they didn't have enough money to finish the scene. I don't know but either way... I was very disappointed... :/

And the ending was just stupid. I was very disappointed. 

I don't even think it's worth the watch. 
The beginning was good but the ending was just awful. 

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