Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Item Review! Eyeball Bows!

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting in a few weeks! 
Ever since I first saw them, I have wanted them. The only thing is, is that they were super expensive for just bow! (Like $6.00 for ONE! I'm a cheapskate and don't want to spend the much money on just one bow. >.>) 
I looked and looked.... and looked some more and STILL couldn't find any...

I found some on Aliexpress! FINALLY! JESUS! x.x (Shop link will be down on the bottom!)

However, they do have sales so that you can save a few cents here and there. As of right now, they are $4.05 a pair. So I mean.... Not a whole lot but still enough, if you are a penny pincher like myself. :P
Anyway, I paid March 9th and they shipped them off on March 10th. 
They arrived today, March 18th! I was really surprised at how fast they were. Super duper happy with shipping!
(Btw, the shipping is free! ;D WOOT!)
My package was in a box. (As shown below.)
Then I opened it, of course.
AND MORE! (Plus a little extra something!) :D
Close up of the little starfish extra hair clip I got.

I was very surpised to see the little starfish clip inside. It's such a nice, sweet thing! And I will love and wear it to the beach! 
I thought it was nice because I live really close to the beach and if I want to look like a mermaid... STARFISH CLIP! :D Yay! hehe (Ok... I think I'm done squeeling over this. >.<... Maybe. >.>)

They also sent me their store not. Sorry the pictures wonky :( 

Lastly! A picture with me wearing one in my hair! :D

They are super nice! Not flimsy or anything! The hair clips are metal and strong and easy to put in your hair. 
So, all in all. 10/10! Super happy with everything! :D

If you want to buy yourself some cute eyeball bows, Check them out!

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