Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tokyo Ghoul √A Rreview

Many of you know that I really love Tokyo Ghoul.. Others have no idea. THAT'S OK! JUST WATCH IT!
I really loved the first season. The second season also kept my interest very much. I watched it every week. It had a lot of interesting twists and turns in it. 
I did have some complaints about it. 
There were some things they didn't really go into detail about and you were just like.... what was the point in bringing those characters into play.... *cough*The twins*Cough*
I wanted to know more about these girls and to find out why they were following Kaneki and what exactly their purpose was.... They just disappeared and it was sort of pointless to put those girls (as cool as they look) in the anime.... 
I feel like they could have done a little more with this season. 
The ending was just empty for me.... I wanted more and was left hanging. 
If you could have seen my face.... Mouth open... Eyes wide... hands on head.... Hair tussled.... Yeah... That was me.
One other thing... 
To many things unanswered.....

I'm not sure if I will watch the next season or not... I mean, I hope they give more info on these people but I don't think they will.... 

Anyway, All in all... I think this season was ok. I think they could have made it longer and gave more information and did some different things. 

I still think it's a good anime though and would definitely watch it again.

Opening and Ending songs were not my favorite though. Just saying.

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