Saturday, August 15, 2015

Gokukoku no Brynhildr Anime Review

Gokukoku no Brynhildr.

So, this anime was interesting, to say the least. The OP/EN music was pretty awesome. I definitely wasn't expecting that type of music for this anime. 
The story, kind of, reminded me of Elfen Lied. Although they are similar, they are very different at the same time. 

The girls in this show are witches and the dude is just a regular human. The witches escape from the lab they were torchered by and the lab is looking for them. Each witch has a special ability.

The boy is just a regular human, like I said. When he was a child, he had a childhood friend, who he was obviously in love with, that died. Then he meets this witch that looks exactly like her. 

It's basically about them and some other friends, witches, trying to stay away from the lab. 

The story was pretty good but a LOT of things were left out by the end of the series. 
For example...
His family.
Her family.
What happened to (Can't tell you details because it would ruin it, sort of ?) the girl she was fighting at the end?
What happened to the girls at the end?
One of the main girls memories?
How did one girl still live without her 'mechanics'.
Did they cure them?
Did they get medicine?


So, if you completely just skip over all of that and more and just stick with the main story then you will be alright.
I just like knowing back story....There was none of that here.

But all in all, it was ok. 

Be warned... It has it's perversion in it. It doesn't really show anything though. Just be warned that you probably shouldn't watch it around kids. Just saying.

The art was rather pretty though. It wasn't anything special but it was nice.

I did watch this in 1.25 days. It's really short but I was pretty addicted to finish it.
So although it had it's flaws, I enjoyed watching it. 

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