Saturday, August 29, 2015

Rokka no Yuusha/ Braves of the six flowers Anime Review

This one is not complete as of yet but I thought I would start my review now since I'm waiting for the newest episode to come out.

I was pretty interested in this anime in the beginning. However, the episodes have now become a magical 'Clue' show. The young ones that read my reviews might not know what I'm talking about if you never seen it or played the board game. Basically, it's a 'who killed mr. rogers with the spoon' but instead of killing... it's 'who set the trap at the temple and faked being a brave'?! 
It's cool and all but after 5 episodes or more... It gets old.

The characters are alright. The main dude, Adlet, is a arrogant man who thinks he's awesome... "I'm the strongest man in the world!", but really he's just trying to make himself think that way so he can feel better about himself. He's enjoyable for the most part.

Neshatania is a spoiled princess and no matter how nice she is, she annoys the crap out of me. Maybe cause I think another girl should be with Adlet but that's just me. >.> Besides being a brave, you don't really care about knowing much more about her. You have no idea why she has bunny ears on. It's a pointless mystery.

Goldof is Neshatania's knight. I have to admit... He's pretty hot. Don't really know why he's into the princess besides maybe her boobs... >.> Not much is known about him. 

Flamey/Fremy is my favorite because she is a no nonsense type of person and I think she looks awesome. If I cosplayed, I would totally cosplay her. Her outfit is silly though. How her boobs don't fall out is a mystery. You find out about her later once you watch it. :) 

Then there are the other kids that I really don't have very much interest in but you might as well know their names. Not much of a back story on the others but here is what I do know. 

Mora is a saint of the 'mountain'. (Apparently saints are the only ones with powers and girls are the only ones that can be saints. Not much else is known.) As well as head of the 'temple of the whole world.' Whatever that is.... The concept of these characters are rather stupid... 

Hans is a cat assassin person. Apparently he learned his moves from cats? I don't even know... He's cute in a weird way though. lol

Chamo is a crazy little girl. Seriously, crazy. All she wants to do is kill and hurt people. I really don't see how she became a brave to begin with but whatever.

I think that's it? Maybe? Eh, anyway. 
Oh yeah! The monsters in this anime are CGI and that just brings it down. It's not even good CGI. I also don't know how a lot of these characters became braves when they are crazy people. What's up with that? The goddess must be having her time of the month or something to pick most of these people. I just don't understand. She could have done better. 
Anyway, I just want it to get to point and stop acting like a 'who done it' anime. It shouldn't even be about that right now. YOU HAVE TO STOP THE END OF THE WORLD! NOW GET TO THE POINT! CHOP CHOP!

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