Thursday, August 20, 2015

K anime series/movie review

I saw this on Netflix and decided to give it a try.
I felt like this story need a little more information in it but, in general, you get the point of the story. I really enjoyed watching this. The details and shots in this anime were wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the fighting scenes.

I have to say that my favorite characters were from the red kings, Mikoto(Love!), crew, Tatara, Shiro and Neko.

^^^ Mikoto and his crew. Tatara is on the very end on the left.

^^^^ Shiro and Neko.

It does have it's fan service in so beware of that if you don't like boobs or butts in your face.

You really start to care for some of the characters though. At least I did. I really didn't want it to end.

Let me just say, the movie was not on netflix. So, you will have to find it somewhere else. *cough* Internet*cough*
I heard they are suppose to make a second movie or second season (Which I really hope they dooooo.) that will help complete the first movie. 

Be aware that this might make you teary eyed.

Like I said before.... They leave a little bit of info out and I felt a little confused about who real body was whos? (you will understand once you watch). I think it would have made more sense if they had shown all of the kings at the beginning but that's just my opinion. 

Anyway, I really enjoyed this show and I am definetly going to watch the next movie or season. Whichever they pick.

By the way, I'm addicted to the ending song.
I'm just going end this with a few .gifs. :)

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