Friday, September 25, 2015

Mishounen Produce Manga Review

This story was actually pretty original. I thought it was super cute. 

Kako and Kousei are childhood best friend from a small country town. They decide to go to a city school and when they go visit for the first time, some girls start making fun of Kousei, the boy. Kako then gets upset and says that she will make him popular and that everyone will love him. 

Kako loves one manga series and models Kousei after the knight in it. Everything starts to change when Kousei gets asked to start modeling and such.
They transfer to a knew school and everything starts to change.

I personally think they could have kept going with the ending. 
It was such a cute story and I really wanted to see it go further. 

They did have other character in it as well that I think they could have went further with.

The art was so cute and I really enjoyed seeing the reactions and how romantic the setting got and how they were able to change each character. 
I just really enjoyed the whole thing. 

I think it would be really enjoyable and cute to watch if it became an anime.

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