Thursday, October 30, 2014

Two posts in one day?! Whaaat??? -Tokyo ESP Review-

So, I didn't spoil myself before I wrote this by reading the manga ending... So, I'm hoping there will be a second season of Tokyo ESP. If not.... Well, then I'm bummed. The ending was very disappointing. It ended to quickly with to many unknowns... What's up with all the anime ending with all of these mysteries lately? It's super annoying! 

The story was alright. It reminded me a lot of the X-men if that tells you a lot anything. It did keep my interest though. Possibly because it is just like X-Men. It's basically just like every other save the world anime except.... The main character seems tough at times but, all in all, she's pretty weak compared to quiet a few people. It has a more I depth story besides the whole save the world and be a hero thing. You will have to actually watch it to find out what the true meaning of the fighting is about. ;) Like I said earlier... The ending wasn't that great. To many unkowns popping up at the very end. Still! It's pretty interesting to watch because of the characters attitudes and such. There is a bit of romance budding but it's quickly pushed to the side... Which was a bummer... >.>
I will, eventually, have to read the manga though. The unkowns bother me a bit. So, if you are going to do anything... Watch the anime first and then read the manga.... JUST IN CASE. You don't want to be let down by the anime if you read the manga first. You know what I mean?

ANYWAY! On to the art...
Let me just tell you, you can tell where they put their effort into... The characters differ in art so much from the 'background' characters... It's a little annoying. But if you can get use to drastic (ugly) changes in the none important characters then you won't feel so irritated as I did. Other than that... The bloody scenes were pretty fun to watch. :3 

Oh yeah!
WARNING! There is blood, killing and a little bit of boob grabbing in this anime if you are thinking of watching this around kids... My want to have your hands ready to cover their eyes at times. Just saying. 

All in all... Tokyo ESP was fun to watch. It was very frustrating at the end but the little penguin protector dude was really cute and made you just want to SQUISH him! x]


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