Friday, November 7, 2014

Riddle Story Of Devil/Devil's Riddle/Akuma no Ridoru Anime Review

Three words.... Boring and disappointing. 

So... The characters seemed really cool at first and I thought that the concept sounded interesting at first.... But I just kept getting more and more let down each episode. 
At some points it reminded me of Danganronpa but it's not as interesting.
It's suppose to be about assassins trying to kill this girl but it just drags on and on.... 
Let me just say... It would have been better as an OVA. 
It had to many episodes and it got boring quickly. 
I did however get excited for the last two episodes. (Possibly because it was getting down to the point.) 
I liked how they mixed the plot up a bit at the end about the girl they were trying to kill but it still didn't help the show. 
The ending... THE ENDING! Let me just get a slap in the face right now. That was the stupidest thing I ever watched. WHAT KIND OF ENDING WAS THAT?! 
The people that die should stay dead. Not act dead... Trying to make a "happy ending" out of something that shouldn't be happy... I was content with some of them dying.... not acting like nothing ever happened. Just very disappointing. 

One thing I did like about this anime was the art. As I said before, it reminded me a bit of Danganronpa. This is one of the reasons. The eyes are what made me want to keep watching. It's the type of style that you could say would be 'creepy cute'? I loved the art in it.  

Opening and Ending songs... Opening... Nothing special. It did have some hidden notes in there but other than that... Nothing special.
Ending song(s) . Interesting for the most part. I like how each character had their own ending song. Stayed through to listen to each. It kept it interesting. 

All in all. Very disappointing anime. Not something I want to watch again. It wouldn't keep my interest. That is all.

One little interesting tidbit... It seemed as though it was somewhat a little bit of a yuri. Just by how some acted towards others. 

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