Monday, December 15, 2014

Red Data Girl Anime Review

Red Data Girl is a 12 episode anime. It intrigued me to watch but was a bit confusing. I feel like you have to know a little about Japanese historical events or myths. I don't have very much knowledge to those kinds of things as much as I would like to though. But you basically get the gist of the story when you are watching it.
The story is basically about Izumiko Suzuhara, a girl who lives in a very distant shrine in the mountains. She can't use electronics because she always seems to 'break' them and there seem to be people who are after her for her powers. She wants to move to the city and become like a normal girl but she has no confidence in herself or anything. She then meets Miyuki Sagara, (The boy next to her in the picture.) one of the guys who protects her son. He's rude, mean, and has to protect her. 
She finds out that she has a himegami inside her. A himegami is sort of like a spirit god thing that is very powerful. Which is why she needs someone to protect her. 
Anyway, Things go down and she goes to a school in Tokyo for people who basically have powers to see spirits. It doesn't really go into detail about the school. 
There she meets her roomate/friend and her twin/brother(s). (Watch it and you will understand what I am talking about.)
There you see what she has to go through to hide her real power.

Ok. In all honesty, this anime didn't go into any details about anything really. You get to understand the story but you have nothing behind it really. Miyuki seems more bipolar than anything and you just get really confused by how they act. The things they talk about in this anime doesn't really make sense and that's why I'm guessing you have to know a little history/mythology of Japan to understand it a little better. 
A lot of things seem to be left open and not many things came up in this anime. I mean, it was a nice watch but for the most part... a lot of things popped up without an answer for me so I was a little disappointed in the ending. 
I feel like there could have been an awesome backstory behind it if they took the time to make it but they didn't and we were stucking hanging. 
Besides all that, It was really enjoyable to watch and I finished in about two and half days/three days tops. 

It was based off of a novel and also has a manga so I might have to read those to figure out what I am missing from the anime. Maybe I will figure out what the anime was hiding from me. ;) 

Art was pretty normal. Nothing to fancy about it. My favorite parts were when Izumiko would dance/sing. It was very pretty.

Opening and Ending songs. They seemed like old and new music converging. It was nice but not something I would listen to often.

Oh! Also, Please don't forget to watch at the end of the episodes. Some episodes have an ending past the credits and it converges with the next episode. So if you skip it you will pretty confused on the next episode. >.<

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