Saturday, December 13, 2014

Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii Anime Review

So I watched this one a while ago, also. 

Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii is basically about bringing two kingdoms together.  The Sun kingdom and the Rain Kingdom. (I know what your thinking and I agree.) Basically, it's about how Princess Nike, from the Rain Kingdom, has to survive in the Sun kingdom with King Livi. (seriously, what's with the crappy names?) It's a pretty good anime as long as you get away from the part where King Livi is like... what... 10 or more years YOUNGER than Nike? And you can clearly tell he has mommy issues. You can tell he is trying to find his mom (who he calls by her first name... which is weird. He also dreams of her in weird ways.... Idk. It doesn't really go into 'to' much detail....) in her. 
Eventually, you start to see them really falling for each other and what they have to do to stay together. 
It's a pretty short anime but its refreshing to watch if you have been watching a lot of governmental/overthrow the government type anime, such as Akame ga kill. 

A little more about the two main characters. 
So,  King Livi is basically a 'ruthless' king, although he doesn't look like it. He is very grown up for his character and at times you forget that he is so much younger than his wife.... That is, until you see a faraway picture of both of them... Then you just kind of want to laugh because of how small he is compared to her... But in all honesty, you enjoy seeing their companionship towards one another.

Princess Nike. Well, She's pretty cool. She has powers over wind and rain so she could kill a bunch of people if she wanted to... She doesn't do that, of course. She can make it rain by singing and I really liked the parts when she sang. I wish she could have sang more than one song but as it was... It made sense to keep it to one song.
She's a very nice, funny girl and fun to watch. You enjoy her from the beginning because she isn't just your normal princess. She has her own thoughts and she isn't afraid of saying what she thinks most of the time.  

I really hope there will be a second season because it was very enjoyable to watch. 

Art was alright. It isn't very detailed or anything but I like the small differences in each person. 

The opening seems like something a girl in her pajamas would start blasting and singing/dancing around with. xD Silly, I know. It's not bad. :)
Ending. I actually enjoyed the ending a little more than the beginning. I don't really know why. haha.

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